Core Web Vitals. Simplified.

The importance of Core Web Vitals cannot be overstated, as they are directly related to the user experience and engagement on a website. A website with poor Core Web Vitals will likely experience high bounce rates, low engagement, and poor conversion rates. This can lead to decreased revenue and a poor reputation for the business or organization behind the website.

What Are CWV?

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that measure the performance and user experience of a website. These metrics are used to evaluate the speed, stability, and accessibility of a website, and are considered to be critical for the overall performance and user engagement of a website.

Why They Matter

Core Web Vitals play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine ranking. Google has stated that Core Web Vitals will be a ranking factor for its search results, meaning that websites with better Core Web Vitals will be more likely to appear higher in search results.

Our Process

We use Google's PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Cumulative Layout Shift Debugger, SEOptimer, and AtomSEO as our primary tools for auditing and optimization.

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About Us

We’ve been designing and developing websites for the last 10 years. We’ve helped dozens of clients maximize their results by generating more leads and sales, increasing their profitability, and providing them with generous returns on their investments.  

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Core Web Vitals?

These are metrics that help website owners monitor and improve the loading speed, responsiveness, and stability of their web pages. These metrics are used to build and offer a better experience for website visitors. 

To explain this, we're going to need some technical mumbo jumbo.

The three main core web vitals are LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). 

The LCP measures the time it takes for the largest block of your web page’s content to load. 

The FID measures how long it takes for the page to become responsive. If you’ve ever tried clicking on a button and it takes a little while to respond, that indicates a slow FID time.

Finally, the CLS measures page stability. Have you ever been on a web page and suddenly it shifts? Like, you try to click on a button but suddenly the button moves and you don’t end up clicking on it? Or you’re in the middle of reading a paragraph and suddenly the page moves and you lose your place? That’s called a page layout shift, and it can be really annoying. 

Google punishes sites with these poor metrics.

Performace Score Weight

Layout Shift (CLS)
Contentful Paint (LCP)
Speed Index (FID)

What Sets Us Apart?

When it comes to hiring a Core Web Vitals engineer, it is important to look for someone with a strong understanding of web development and performance optimization. A good candidate will have experience with tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as experience in optimizing website speed and performance.

Click the button below to test King Bogey's PageSpeed score. And feel free to check your own site as well.

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Our Core Web Vitals Packages

We will provide you with comprehensive and transparent before-and-after audits that will explain what we did and how we improved your website.

Custom one-page website. Great for those who want to create a simple online presence fast.
Starting at
additional pages $300 ea.
One-Page Design
One-Hour Brainstorm Plan
Conversion Tracking
Includes Up To Two Revisions
Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Responsive
Sourced Images & Icons
Fully Branded Website
Contact Form
Basic SEO Foundations
Development & Live Launch
Custom 5-page website. The standard website size for most businesses.
Starting at
additional pages $300 ea.
Includes Everything From Starter
Up To 5 Pages
Custom Design And Development Built From Scratch w/ PageSpeed Optimization In Mind
Optimal Design Layouts For Maximum Network Efficiency
Advanced Cconfigurations And Optimizations
One Hour Tutorial On Editor
2-Hour Brainstorm Plan
Branded Styleguide
Includes Up To 3 Revisions
Fully custom 10-page website. Best for advanced businesses and those who need to scale.
Starting at
additional pages $300 ea.
Includes Everything From Standard
Up To 10 Pages
Full Marketing Plan
Advanced Integrations
Design Mockups
3+ Hour Brainstorm Plan
Includes Up To 5 Revisions


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